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Thursday, July 14, 2005

See and Say

I have failed miserably as a mother. I need to be flogged and thrown to the lions.   I have a 23 year old daughter who is married and has a 3 year old and I thought I had imparted all of my wisdom upon her but apparently I failed in areas that were unforeseeable.  In her 23 years she has surprised me with many things that I could not believe she wasn't aware of but this one takes my breath away.  My grandson and I along with my son-in-law were sitting in my den oohing and ahhing over every little thing Matthew (my grandson) was doing.  He is at the lovely age of discovering things that my daughter obviously missed in life.  My grandson and I were playing with his "See and Say" and I could hear my daughter approaching the room so I pointed the little arrow to the pig and explained to Matthew "here is your mom".  (I am a neat freak and my daughter is very messy...can I say "slob"?  we have always butted  heads on this issue)  She didn't hear it the first time so I pointed the arrow again to the pig and said "here's your mom".  Let me explain a little about my daughter she is one of the few people I know that still laughs from the soul  upwards.  It starts very deeply and her eyes light up and her face has this beautiful glow about it.  It's the most heartfelt sound your ears will ever hear.  It's so infectious that you must immediately start laughing before you have any clue what she is laughing about.  Anyway she has this look of total shock on her face from the discovery she has just made.  I want you all to know my dear daughter was not deprived as a child and she did have a "See and Say" but somewhere I failed to teach her that you could actually point the arrow to the animal you wanted to hear and pull the string (now it's a lever like a slot machine).  Imagine my remorse when she told me that morning she sat with the See and Say for 5 minutes impatiently waiting until she gave up because she wanted it to land on the cow so her husband could hear it.  Now why in God's name did he not notice what she was doing and correct her?  I'm sure he wasn't even aware or probably never dreamed she did not know something so obvious? Now I am left wondering what other information she is living without?  I shutter at the thought that she is walking through life without important knowledge vital to living.  Let me tell you my daughter isa graduate of high school and has an associates degree....but unfortunately the degree is not in the mechanics of "See and Say". Thank God I only gave this world one child...I am a failure!


karynetaylor said...

that is adorable. very funny! I mean you can't blame her, it seems that if you wind things the wrong way they break, so unless you are specifically told it is OK, well ... one would tend to refrain.

~ Karyn

thisismis72 said...

lol, that is cracking me up.