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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Learning how to be perfect

Well folks I made my second mistake at work in one year. Because I deal with accounting and money naturally my mistakes are noticed.  Lets just say the boss didn't take it well and told me I was careless which of course is total bull.  I offered no excuses but I did offer a solution which got batted down by my immediate supervisor so I took it straight to the president.  Believe it or not this company which has been in business for over 40 years does not have anyone checking my work.  Not all work needs to be checked but absolutely NO ONE double checks the payroll! I have free access to all checks and the check signing machine.  Do you know how easy it would be for a dishonest person to steal?  I offered a solution to this internal problem but it seems they are so apt to find fault but when push comes to shove and real change needs to be implemented they all want to stay in there own little safety zones so as not to have to do one iota of extra work!  Well that means I have to strive for a more perfect record so they can continue in their ignorance.  One day someone dishonest is going to come along and hopefully they remember my suggestion!

Blessing of the day:

No one of you should say, "Blessed are they who have deserved to receive Christ into their homes!" Do not grieve or complain that you were born in a time when you can no longer see God in the flesh. He did not in fact take this privilege from you. As he says, "Whatever you have done to the least of my brothers, you did to me."

- St. Augustine (from a sermon on Martha and Mary

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