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Friday, February 10, 2006

Happy Birthday Brandi!

Twenty four years ago today will always be the happiest day of my life. My daughter, Brandi Monique was born at 7:41 pm on a Wednesday night. This entry is for her.

My Dear Brandi,

God knew what he was doing when he placed us together. You have been and still are the biggest joy of my life. I have loved you from the moment I conceived the idea of having/wanting you. You have been my daughter but you have also been my valued and loved friend and an inspiration to me. You have been a daughter any mother would love to have but God blessed ME with you and I am so thankful. When God placed you in my arms 24 years ago I took with pride, the responsibility of loving and nurturing you with all my heart. I wanted to love you into something that I wasn't and I truly believe with God's graces, I have succeeded in raising you to be a very loving and lovable human being. I have not and nor have you done one thing to make me regret taking that responsibility. In any area that I have failed you, I am sorry, but when I failed it has been with love for you because everything I did, even my failures, were done in love.

YOU have made it a very easy task for me. You have made me laugh and you have made me cry but not one of those moments would I give up for anything in this world.

Brandi, how does a mother, sit and write the many joys you have given her in 24 years? It's impossible to ever completely do justice to what our relationship as mother and daughter has meant to me. I know you understand because in 3 1/2 years you have seen the joys of motherhood and I know from your experience that you know exactly what I feel for you and the depths for which I feel them. I thank God for you and the blessing that you have been in my life.

and I wish you the best that anyone could have!



Today you are older than I was when I had you and I hope you feel a hell of a lot better than I felt at this time 24 years ago!





hadonfield78 said...

This is a beautiful beautiful entry. That is a great tribute to your daughter.
You are a wonderful mom.
Those two pictures of the two of you side by side..........
You look more like sisters.
Please tell Brandi, Hadon says "Happy Birthday" !!!!!!!!!!!!

gaboatman said...

Happy Birthday to Brandi!  Great entry, I think we all felt the love you were expressing to your daughter.

mosie1944 said...

You and your daughter are beautiful.  There is something about daughters, isn't there?

peabody47 said...

To Bandi,
Absolutely the most manificent, Happy Birthday that you could possibly have.
The "POND"

sangrialel said...

Happy Birthday Brandi!!!  Lelly

garnett109 said...

Happy B-day , and pass the towel1

suzybkewl said...

OH MY GOD!!!!!

I am totaly emotional!!  I cannot thank you enough for this entry!!  Those are such beautiful words of love!  You mean everything to me!  This is something I will remember the most about my birthday!!  To know how you feel is one thing, but for you to take the time to express it is another!!  You have done a wonderful job with me and I want everyone to know it!!  You should have absolutly no doubts!  I wouldn't be who I am if it weren't for you!!  I Love You with all of my heart!!  I cannot wait to see you tonight!!  We are going to party it up tonight!!  Thank you Thank you Thank you..I could go on forever!!  Thank everybody for my birthday wishes!!  I appreciate that so much!!  Oh and believe me, I am feeling the joy of being a mother!!  I Love You and thank you for giving me that chance!!

Your grateful daughter,


saleenm98 said...

Beauuuuuuutifu Mother-Daughter picture!!  I love the wedding photo!  It certainly is interesting to hear all this from a mother's point of view!!  Happy 24th, Brandi!  


siennastarr said...

Awww, sista... what a beautiful and loving tribute to your daughter.  I know how you feel... it's practically indescribable, the emotions that you feel when you think of her, right?  
Happy Birthday Brandi!!


gailmb said...

What a lovely gift you gave your daughter!!
I hope she really, really appreciates the mother she has.

luvatalaff said...

that is a wonderful entry by a wonderful mother....happy belated birthday Brandi!

luvatalaff said...

that is a wonderful entry by a wonderful mother....happy belated birthday Brandi!

stupidsheetguy said...

Happy birthday to your special daughter who will always be the legacy of a beautiful, caring woman. Many more years of happiness for you both!


demandnlilchit said...

LOVE the Mother and Bride shot! It feels good to know we did them well and sent them on their own path, even though it ouches just a titch!