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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Something worth having.

I've often been asked what it is I am looking for in a relationship and I usually get laughed at when I answer with these words "I want to one day be the little old lady and the little old man that I see on Sunday in church." You know? The ones who shuffle their way into mass every single Sunday come rain or shine. They sit there barely able to hear so they turn their hearing aids up and then turn to their partner and say "eh?" So adorable! Today with tears in my eyes I saw exactly what I am talking about.

The elderly lady walks into Mass with lil old man behind her. She sees a friend in the choir and decides to chat with her. Lil ole' man stands next to the pew waiting patiently for her. He looks over at her but never gets into the pew without her nor walks over to her to interrupt her chat to make her hurry. After about 5 minutes she walks toward the pew, he guides her with his hand into the pew. She sits and he reaches down to lower the kneeler for her. They kneel and pray together.

In my eyes: Me + You = God/Love. Without HIM there is no US.

For some reason the lil old man/lady brings that home to me every single Sunday!

Some of you may laugh at my idea of love but those are my ideals and I'm not going to apologize for them. I may die a lil old women without her lil ole' man but I doubt it! Some thing worth having is worth waiting for!


Remo said...

Never settle. Houses "settle" and eventually fall down. Arguments "settle" with neither party getting what they want.

I don't see it as waiting for something. I see it as allowing the proper time for delivery.

Anonymous said...

Little do you know that the old man is actually married to someone else and that the old lady is his "bit on the side" :o)

garnett109 said...

That was sweet

Linda said...

I always wanted that too, thank goodness I have found it and I hope you find it too. Linda

Chris said...

I bet you also like the commercial where the young couple walks past an older couple holding hands and then the young couple holds hands.