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Monday, December 29, 2008

Germs are everywhere!

This weekend while my daughter and grandson were visiting, I notice she hadn't taught him how to aim very well or put the toilet seat down after his misguided aims. I explained to her that those sort of lessons must come from the mother. The male species will not deem it necessary to teach a young lad such things.

My daughter decided to take me up on teaching Matthew good point and aim skills. On the way home today she gives him a verbal lesson explaining to him exactly how it should be done. Pick up toilet seat, aim, shoot, flush and put down toilet seat. She tells him that she will be escorting him to the john until he perfects this skill.

They arrive home and of course he eventually has to try these new skills. She follows him into the bathroom. He raises the seat, points and aims perfectly but starts to walk away. She says "Matthew, you forgot something..." He lifts his legs, using his feet to depress the lever to flush and put the toilet seat down.

Anyone who knows me would know that I am a big time germophobic! I don't touch bathroom door knobs with my bare hands. Matter of fact there is not much in a bathroom that I do touch with my bare hands. Yep, seems, unknowing to me, my little man has been very observant of his Nammy. That's exactly how I flush and put down the toilet seat. Those levers are probably the nastiest things to touch besides door knobs!

My daughter was rolling when she called me... They see a lot more than you think they do...


Lippy said...

LOL awww I love it! You're a good teacher :)

a corgi said...

this was cute; found your journal through a comment you left on Bucko's; you are so right the mom needs to teach the little boys proper bathroom and toilet etiquette! still teaching my 19 y/o LOL!


ADM DESIGN'S said...


garnett109 said...

Now that was funny

Remo said...

I don't want to add to your germ-OCD but your keyboard and mouse are some of the germiest places in your house. LOL

Anonymous said...

Sorry I thought this entry was about a new invasion by germany until I re-read the title.

I'm with Remo, according to studies it is safer to lick a toilet seat at a rock concert than lick a computer keyboard.

Chris said...

Children are incubators and germ factories! I spray Trevor with Lysol daily whether he needs it or not! (kidding)