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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Do you see what I see?

Today I was at work doing my normal accounting functions when I came upon an invoice that appeared to have been through the ringer and back. Apparently someone was eating some heavy duty fried chicken and decided to wring the chicken out onto this invoice. As I was looking at it I realized it may be worth something one day so I best take a picture of it. Seriously, if someone can try to sell a cornflake that looks like a state or a piece of toast with a vision of the Virgin Mary on it, why couldn't I try to see some otherworldly something on my invoice.....
Help me out guys. What do you see?


Remo said...

I see a greedy company wanting a piece of the action if they find out it's worth anything. LOL

It looks like an anatomical version of the heart. I think those things to the left of it are cholesterol. You live in the South, right?

Then they're hushpuppies.

Anonymous said...

It looks like two teddy bears kissing.

Actually it looks like two teddy bear conjoined twins, joined at the head.

garnett109 said...

Yep what Brainwhispers said

Chris said...

I never did well with ink blot tests. Oedipus schmedipus.