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Saturday, December 27, 2008

A day with the daughter

My daughter is 26 years old and she still loves to aggravate me. Her day is not complete unless she has managed to find something that will raise my hackles. I am normally a very calm, sweet and gentle woman until she decides that I need to be otherwise.

Yesterday her and I traveled to Texas to see my parents. She hates my driving so I drove just to aggravate her and the entire trip she kept reminding me that I didn't know how to drive on the interstate. I told her that just because I was not weaving in and out of traffic at 90 miles an hour did not warrant me as not knowing how to drive.

I allowed her to drive on the way home simply because I was tired or otherwise she'd have had to put up with my lack of competence on the interstate for another two hours. We were in the car a mere ten minutes and she attempted to kill me three times. I honestly think my only saving grace was the fact that my young grandson was in the car and it wasn't his time to go.

Of course, her being a typical female that drank 2 liters of diet coke during the trip needed a pitt stop. I knew when she stopped at Walgreens to relieve herself that it was the beginning of my total aggravation. Forget that I had decided I was going to be patient with her...Dear Lord, I promise I wanted to be! My grandson had fallen asleep so Nammy Dearest had to stay in the car with him and could not go along with Daughter Dearest to hurry her along. As I've said, I am not the most patient of women but I gave her ten minutes to pee before I started getting antsy. When I realized that yesterday was the day after Christmas and sales, the light bulb went off...She was relieving more than her bladder. She was emptying her wallet as well. When she finally arrives back at the car, my bladder which had been completely empty, had filled up. I slammed out of the car like the old witch she believes me to be but before my departing she says "I thought you didn't need the bathroom" at which I responded "That was before your shopping spree!" I was tempted to pay kind with kind but decided to be big about and a bit more considerate.

I return to the car and go into my nagging spiel of how inconsiderate it is to say you are going to the bathroom and 2o minutes later you return as if that's the most normal thing in the world (which for her it is). I'm just not quite as accustomed to it any longer. Her husband is!! She continues to laugh at me because for some reason she finds me so amusing when I am harping on her for her behavior.

The radio is playing Love Songs at Night with Delilah during my spewing and then on comes this girl telling about how she mistreats her mom and is very inconsiderate towards her. Delilah is admonishing her, etc etc. At this point, Brandi and I are rolling with laughter. It always happens that way with her and I, we aggravate the hell out of each other but ALWAYS end up laughing because it is hilarious and something like this sparks our humor.

Of course it didn't stop there, when we got home she had to come into my room and aggravate me again simply stating that she misses that most of all since she lives 4 hours away.

We do love each other!


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Cute story. Glad you can laugh about it.

garnett109 said...


Remo said...

I subscribe to Clint Eastwood's 300-mile theory of relationships. If you truly want to know if you are compatible with someone, take a 300-mile drive with them. If you both arrive home in the same car, it'll probably work.

LYN said...

me and my daughter have the same kinda relationship...LOL...

happy new year!!

P.S. i can't stand Delilah..I would love to know what she looks like..maybe i will google her...

Chris said...

I always let Alexis drive because she gets us there WAY faster.