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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Face in Hand

I was sitting in church today with my face in my hands, feeling sorrowful, when I suddenly realized how intimate of a gesture touching someone's face can be. We do it often without realizing what we are doing or why. When you touch the face of the one you are kissing it brings more meaning into it. When you care for someone you touch their face in awe of them. It comes natural, almost without thought. We can touch anywhere else on the body but for some reason the face is much more intimate and personal.

As I did this morning in Mass, when we are upset with something in our lives we put our face in our hands comforting ourselves, crying out our sorrow in our hand.

Touch a face today even if it's your own. I did!


garnett109 said...

I usually do it when someone messes up, like I can't believe they just did that.

Chris said...

Hey, you're invading my private space ;)

Remo said...

I think I need to wash my hands.