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Saturday, December 20, 2008

LSU, The Bears and The Saints

My two joys will be with me for the Christmas holidays. I thought I was finished with my shopping until I had this little conversation with the joy of my life.

Matthew: Nammy! (said with a North Louisiana Redneck drawl...Naaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeee)

Nammy: What my angel?

Matthew: (all excited) Santa is bringing some of my presents to your house and some of them to my Dad's house. (I guess his dad told him Santa was passing at their house for him too....and kids these days think that they got a raw deal!)

Nammy: Well, sweetie, Nammy will have some presents for you too.

Matthew (natural curiosity) What did you buy me Nammy? (he says Nammy after every sentence uttered)

Nammy: It's a surprise...you will find out when you open them.

Matthew: Nammy, I know what you got me.... NFL football players.

Nammy: NFL Football players?

Matthew: Yeah, Nammy, the LSU Tigers (so he doesn't realize they aren't pro...LOL) , The Bears and the Saints.

Nammy (to herself...oh shit)

So......I wasn't quite finished. Now, instead of ornaments, I have NFL football players hanging on my Norfolk Pine.


garnett109 said...

what a great boy

Remo said...

That's sweet. I've watched LSU dismantle my beloved Sun Devils. If they're not pro's, they're damn close to it. :)