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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Side effects

The most frequent side effects reported with Lexapro are nausea,(I feel very pregnant) insomnia, (I thought depression caused insomnia why does the cure cause it too?)  problems with ejaculation,(this is where the Professor of Bull may come in handy)  somnolence, (you can't sleep but you stay sleepy...shit!) increased sweating, (okay, Secret don't fail me now!)  fatigue, (another sympthom of depression why does the cure cause it too...isn't this all a double whammy?)  decreased libido, and anorgasmia (I don't have to worry about this part right now...but maybe in a few weeks I'll be more in the frame of mind to test it?  Oh that's right...I have to find a man first...oh dear...that might be a problem)

The cure seems to be worse than the depression and I have an extreme headache from all the serotonin levels being increased in this brain. No damned telling what will come off these fingers with the brain waves catapulting around.  In my mind I see this graph which shows the levels flunctuating.  One minute I'm way up here and the next I'm way down there.  My graph is very colorful and pretty.  My ups are vermillion red and my downs are royal blue.  Right now I'm pretty mellow yellow.  I wonder if it has anything to do with the wine I wasn't supposed to consume on this drug?

Oh yeah, I was told not to make any major decisions in my life at this point.  Damn!  I really wanted to marry that hunk who asked me yesterday, but after reading all the side effects of Lexapro, I realized it probably wouldn't be a good idea for him to marry someone who can't ejaculate or orgasmatize him.  Where's that fake cow vagina when you need it?

Speaking of cows...I now have to be weaned off of Xanax.  I had no flipping clue this was an addictive drug.  Last night I tried not taking it and my heart went into palpatations. My heart hasn't pounded that much since (oh never mind...I can't remember that far back)  I had to get up and take a half of Xanax which helped the galloping heart but it didn't help me sleep.  I figured the doctor didn't know what he was talking about and I could and would go cold turkey. This turkey wasn't having any of it!  He also gave me some medication to help me sleep but I couldn't see taking all that crap.  I just knew it all and I laid awake with the determination of a Saint.  Well Saint Sharlene, after several hours of determination, decided to hell with it and took the sleeping medication.  Now my life has come full circle...I am my mother.

I was told not to make the decision to sale my house right now.  The realtor came and assessed my house but when I told her that I could become a knife wielding maniac at any point she took her measurements and ran.  She told me to call her when the effects of my medication were firmly instilled in my system.  I truly believe that I will still want to sell because it was something I wanted to do even before my graph became so colorful. 

Also, I believe in things falling into place when something is right.  A guy that I work with has a one bedroom place for rent, 3 minutes from work, at a very reduced price from what everyone else is asking for rent.  No more traveling the highways and byways back and forth two hours of my day every day.  He will also hold it for me until I sell my house because he wants "good people" in there.  Maybe I should tell him about my knife wielding tendencies?

As my realtor was running, she told me that I had a very good chance of selling it without a problem (there are no houses to be had here) plus with it being a sellers market right now...I can sell it for almost 30K more than I bought it.  Of course we can't consider that a profit since I probably have paid that much in interest in the last 9 years.  That's probably the only interest I've had in the last few years!


sangrialel said...

It won't be long till the meds are working and you will not be riding that roller coaster anymore!!  I will keep you in my prayers.  Linda

stupidsheetguy said...

Well, considering the life we're talking about saving here, it seems the amount of effort will be well worth it. It can sure get confusing; it sort of brings to mind the times when I was in the hospital after elbow surgery and the nurses would wake me up to have a sleeping pill. It really does happen in there!

Somehow, though, all this idiocy seems to come together somewhere down the road and everything will be all better. I kinda wish though, that you'd maybe chased the realtor down the street or something :)

Hang in there, and don't ever feel alone!


siennastarr said...

You just need to get the medication regulated right, for your system.  Then it should level out to mellow yellow all the time!
Love your longer entries! :)


thisismis72 said...

lol, i don't care what the side effects are, if it can make me as silly as you i want it, lolj/k love the new pics in the side bar, hints the silly remark lol  I just posted a hear no evil see no evil speak no evil pic of my own awhile back.  Its true great minds do think alike.  anyway in all serious now, you are a very smart, compasionate, friendly and beautiful (just to name a few things) woman. I hope life will be all you want it to be and more.  Missy

garnett109 said...

The doctors were going to put me on a blood pressure pill the only bad side affect there was if you forgot to take it you will die, boy now wouldn't you know that i'd for get to take it, I told him nope give me something less permanent! lol!
Glad the pills are woking for you!

brainwhispers said...

I like the new photos, although i think you might need locking away for a while, or laying off the booze!

gailmb said...

Hope you feel better soon!
(I would never have guessed you were suffering from depression. You hid it well. But don't do that again. If you can't share it with your "Faceless Friends of the Internet," who can you share it with!?)


swibirun said...

Your realtor took her measurements and then ran?  That is friggin' weird.  Was she 36, 28, 36?  

On a serious note, I hope you do feel better soon.  I have had the PVC (premature ventricular contractions) less and less lately, but they still occur.  Has your doctor ever checked you for that?  I would SWEAR it was an anxiety attack or heart attack.  To this day, I still get anxious even when I know that they can't hurt me.