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Saturday, September 2, 2006



Friday I had the most fulfilling date of all time. I was completely and totally taken by surprise with my ability to allow someone to conquer me in such a fashion. I learned about submission and we all know that I do NOT believe in the part of the bible that says a woman should be submissive to her man.

The date started normally. I met him at a local establishment for a nice dinner. He met me outside and I found him to be a most attractive young gentleman. As usual, at first it was a bit awkward but once we had a few margaritas in us, we became very open and was able to speak of many things. I could see we were clicking and I think he was feeling the same so after the meal he invited me to his place. I could not find it within myself to say no.

I follow him to his place in my car. As I am following him, I can feel the excitement within myself. This was a first for me and I was amazed that I was actually at his place with him. I get out of my car and walk to the door with him. He unlocks the door and invites me in.

I walk in and immediately notice the mattress on the floor. I'm a little uncomfortable but he begins showing me around his place and I start to feel a bit more at ease with the situation. He excuses himself to the bathroom. While he is gone, I look around at all the paraphernalia he has at his place but my main focus was the mattress on the floor. I'm pacing and wondering what I have gotten myself into. Should I back out and leave? Oh, but too late!

He returns from the bathroom with his pajamas on. My eyes immediately become saucers in my white face because he looks absolutely gorgeous in them. I realize in my heart that I have made the right choice and that this will be good for my soul and that he will teach me a gentle way. He is going to teach me to be a better person, in the physical, intellectual and moral sense.

My heart is leaping in my chest when I notice that he has a smaller pair of pajamas in his hands. He hands them to me and invites me to remove my boots and my clothing and put the p.j.'s on. I, being the modest gal that I am, close myself into the bathroom, panicking with each button that I undo, but I know I have come this far and I can't turn back.

When I finally exit the bathroom, my gaze immediately becomes glued to him standing erect on the mattress. I am flushed with excitement as he begins talking about conquering and submission. Showing me things I have never experienced but have only dreamed about. . At this point I had no clue who was going to submit or who was going to conquer but he had me mesmerized at the possibilities.

He holds out his hand in an invitation for me to join him on the mattress and I grab his arm and I put my arm around his waist and I twist around with my back to him. Oh my God! I immediately notice my powers over him. He is defenseless as I bring him to the mattress onto his back. My knees go weak when he flips me onto my back and he's between my legs!  Instead of panicking I realize he has given me the knowledge and leverage that I need. With me on my back, and him between my legs, he is totally defenseless to my charms! I now have the upper hand or should I say legs? I wrap my long legs around his neck and I keep them there until the final climactic moment where he taps me and says "I submit".

And there you have in intimate detail my first date with Terry. I have included a picture of this fine gentlemen (he is on the right) and I thank him for such an enriching experience and I definitely hope to continue learning his ways because they are very gratifying!





Terry is a 1st Degree Black Belt Judo Instructor


gaboatman said...

You really had me going there for a minute.  Still chuckling here!  I have a feeling you are going to be very good at this martial art, LOL!

garnett109 said...

you are a nut, yes my mind was in the gutter lol! Thanks for the laugh!

siennastarr said...

I knew you were gonna end with something that was NOT perverted and nasty! lol  I wasn't sure where you were going with this, but I knew it was not going to be down the road to consumation of the sexual kind! lol  
Good story though, sis.....  You told it well!  lol


hadonfield78 said...

Your a better writer than I am.............
I was totally drawn in..............
Job Well Done....

swibirun said...

I so knew there was a twist coming to that.  But martial arts guys are great guys in most cases.  Go with it, S.A.M., I hope he turns out to be special:)

At least he didn't buy you flowers:)


gailmb said...

After I got to the end, I wanted to back up a few paragraphs and finish the story in a slightly different fashion......
Ya had my attention!!!
(my husband will thank you........)

Gail in MN

brainwhispers said...

Good god woman!! I was getting more and more freaked out as i read.
Had you gone mad.
You couldnt seriously be writing something so intimate.

It was all a big story.
Thank god.
Me being the sweet innocent person that i am i was really worried that you were corrupting my mind.


Great peace of writing though.
Although i now look at you as being a mucky minded so and so!!

mosie1944 said...

Hahahahaha, you got me for sure!

chatngirl32 said...

LOL, that was hysterical. You had me believing you.......Tami

emabecmar said...

I really did think it was a romance thing, lol. I was saying wow, ain't she lucky, lol. Then the karate pic, and I knew it was a karate thing, lol. Duhhhhhhhhhh, I need to get out more, I think. Anyways, great entry.

swibirun said...

When I was wearing only boxers today, I thought about you:)

More specifically, I was in the restroom at the karate academy changing from my karate gi to my jiu jitsu gi and this entry ran through my mind!