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Friday, September 22, 2006

The End of Summer

I was showering and when I looked down at my feet, I knew summer was indeed over.    My toenails are no longer manicured and my heels are not smooth as a baby's butt.  Oh how we let ourselves go during the winter months and we have to work so damned hard two months prior to summer to get back where we were.  Why oh why don't we just keep up with the program?

I really need a life!



siennastarr said...

So...sit down and just "do it!"  Get out that pumice stone, the creams, the toe crud diggers, the trimmers and the polish.......and JUST DO IT! hee


thisismis72 said...

lol, I need one more than you.  I bet I do,
my heels haven't been smooth in years,
but at least I am not pregnant anymore.


stupidsheetguy said...

LOL. Playing "catch-up" is half the fun of life!

It'll all be good.


sangrialel said...

I know exactly what you mean but this year I am not going to let it happen!  I am going to work really hard to keep myself together this winter!  Linda

gailmb said...

How am I supposed to have smooth heels when my stupid dog licks off every bit of lotion I put on them? LOL

(BTW, I thought you Southerners had summer 365 days a year....)

Gail in MN