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Friday, September 15, 2006

An Invitation

As you may all know my son in law is 14 years older than my daughter and closer to my age.  This weekend I requested that I see my grandson and they informed me that they were going to North Louisiana to a family reunion.  They invited me to accompany them and possibly meet my son in law's brother.  I sent my daughter an email declining the invitation.  Here is the email and my reasons for declining:

Dear Brandi and Barry,
I know you invited me to go to Barry's family reunion this weekend and possibly meet his brother.   I have thought about this and for the following reasons I must decline.  Should I meet his brother and God forbid fall in love with him and get married I realized that as much as I love you,  I would not want you as a sister in law nor would I want my son in law to also be my brother in law. Barry's brother would also become his father in law and your stepdad as well as your brother in law.  As I was thinking further into this fiasco, I realized my grandson would also become my nephew. Imagine his confusion when he'd have to call me Aunt Nammy.   Lord help us if I'd have a child because that child would not only be your brother/sister and your nephew/niece but my grandson's cousin and/or Aunt or Uncle. 
As I was thinking, I almost lost it when it dawned on me that we would share the same mother in law and once again share the same last name.
Oh my God...I must decline because that is far too redneck for me to handle.
Love Mom


garnett109 said...

yep keeping it in the family is wrong lol!

sangrialel said...

OMG that is to funny!!  Linda

siennastarr said...

ROFLMAO!  ONLY YOU would think something like this up!!  You are hilarious!  Thank you for making me smile today, sis!



eeofficemgr said...

This is just way to funny, thanks for the laugh

caesar1958 said...

I just wanna know "who's on first"????????

thisismis72 said...

lol,  believe it girl I have relatives that what you just said applies to..........
damn red neck hillbilly's lol, they are everywhere...........


brainwhispers said...

Is this your wedding photo?

emabecmar said...

i loved the letter, lol. and the redneck wedding pic, lol. ((((hugs))))

abeautifulmess62 said...

I know a woman that when she starts talking about how her brother in law use to be her uncle i have to stop her from talking.
I tell her, that is just way to weird for my brain to comprehend!  

What a purty picture...

~Terry Ü

swibirun said...

This was great!  It reminded me of a song "I'm My Own Grandpa" I heard in the sixth grade.  Great post.  


stupidsheetguy said...

LOL, you have not lost your touch. You can still bang out the laughs with the best of them. Part of the reason I'm glad to be able to read journals again is this one. Great seeing you!