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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My little Angel

My grandson, Matthew, started kindergarten today.  Brandi says he marched into the classroom like a professional student and never looked back.  She, of course, called me, crying like a baby saying her son had no qualms about leaving the nest.

She picked him up at 3 pm and called me.  I was anxious to hear about his day.  He gets on the phone and this is our conversation:

Matthew:  Nammy, I only want to tell you one thing. (this is his way of saying he's not in the mood to talk)

Me:  What? (I know what's coming)

Matthew:  I love you.

Me:  But, Matthew, how was your first day of school?

Matthew:  Nammy, too much happened for me to tell you everything.

Me:  Matthew, at least tell me one thing you did at school today?

Matthew:  We played on the playground.

Me: Matthew, did you make any new friends?

Matthew (exasperated)  Nammy!  I haven't decided who my best friend is going to be because I don't know all their names yet.  You wanna talk to momma?

Brandi:  He's finished with that. 


He wouldn't tell her much either and here we were waiting all day to hear his excitement.  Kids!


stupidsheetguy said...

LOL just like when you want them to show people the new talent they've developed. They lock up and lock out. Too funny. I guess no news is good news.

jckfrstross said...

sounds like a normal kid LOL :)


stormypassionzz said...

My one and only grandbaby just started kindergarten, also.  His mom (my daughter) tells me, "I can't wait to hear all he has to tell", I tell her..."Don't expect much, he will tell you in due time what he wants you to know", she says, "Oh yes he will...he will tell me everything, I'll make him"...LOL  Shall I say...she was a bit frustrated to see he wasn't ready to share much.  I think it's a "boy thing"....but I wouldn't swear to that.  LOL   I'm happy you have such a sweet, darling and cute grandson.  They sure can make us smile and love them more every day.  I wish him and mom the best during his first year. Hang in there "Nammy"!  <grin>

brainwhispers said...

I cried on the first day of school.
I cried and cried and cried.
And cried some more.
I dont know whether it was the thought of my mum leaving me alone all day or the thought that from that moment on, over the years i would gradually be losing all the freedom and happiness until one day I would be in my thirties and working 12 hour days and eating rice and peas for dinner every other night becuase i would be too tired to cook a proper meal.

I think maybe it was just the Mum thing.

mosie1944 said...

That's boys for you.  If he were a girl, you wouldn't have been able to shut her up.  But boys?  Nope.  And it gets worse!

garnett109 said...

he's a big boy now, give him some room . lol!

sangrialel said...

LOL  aren't kids funny??  Linda

emabecmar said...

awwww that is too cute. (((hugs))))

gazker said...

I get this from my little neices............ Tell him, I'm busy!!!!! The cheek of it!
Gaz x