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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hush Little Baby

I have always been lyrically challenged so when my daughter was a baby and I'd sing to her,  I'd have to make up the words to the song because I did not know the lyrics.  There was one song "Hush Little Baby" that I sang to her using most of my own made up words. 

When Matthew, my grandson, was born, I continued singing the same song to him adding the very last verse just for him.  This song states everything (as in the original song)  that Nammy is gonna buy for her dear boy.  Singing it to Brandi for many years, she never and I mean never asked me for any of the things that I was singing about, but Matthew a few weeks ago innocently asked "Nammy, when are  you going to buy me all those things in that song?"  At this point, after having read the original song, I was sincerely glad that I never knew the words because I would not have been able to do what I did for Matthew this past weekend for his 5th birthday.  I will show you with pictures:

I had to give the diamond ring to his mom because boys don't wear diamond rings plus she deserved some of the gifts after all the years I sang it to her!


Ummm...boys don't wear dresses either so guess who got the dress?



Brought him to a Safari (pics follow)

(I didn't get a pic of this but it was a heart with the words "All Nammy's Love" written on it along with a picture of me hugging him)

The Safari Pics:

This was an 11 month old Kangaroo named Jack that was in a play pen with a diaper on.   They were able to hold it.  Talk about excited!

My own little Daniel Cook!

What a birthday Nammy!!



nhd106 said...

What a special song from a special Nammy!  We all could use a Nammy, ya know?
(I like your version of the song better than the original)  


jckfrstross said...

your version is much better:) have a good weekend


garnett109 said...

that was beautiful!

swibirun said...

Looks like you rocked his birthday!  Great job and wonderful idea on the song theme:)

gazker said...

What brilliant photo's. I can tell that he had a great day.
Gaz :-)

brainwhispers said...

I always wanted a drum kit when i was a kid.
Then one year, I had this really big present to unwrap.
I was so excited.
I unwrapped it as fast as i could
Guess what, it wasnt a drumkit, it was a crappy plastic box to put all my toys in.
what a dissapointment.
I used it to bury my brother alive in the garden though.
not really.

tpiez4me said...

How very sweet! and what a genious you are!

stupidsheetguy said...

OK I have no doubt as to the depth of your love. I know for sure what you went through to get all those gifts, then wrap and decorate them so nicely. And to even think of the whole thing in the first place, well that's just awesome. I'll bet he remembers this even without the pictures. That was one terrific entry!