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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Professional Administrative's Day

I'm not sure but I think my boss appreciates his Administrative Staff.  He's taking us to lunch tomorrow.  Here's where he is taking us.  You tell me if he's a good boss or what?




garnett109 said...

I don't get it? hope you have a good time!

queeniemart said...

Well, i love steak and that looks good so i think you are going to a nice place?
Have a great day!

hadonfield78 said...

Now that is a good boss.
Enjoy your day, all administrators deserve it............

caesar1958 said...

One of MY favorites!!!!!

saleenm98 said...

Yaaay!!  That's a good deal!  My boss' isea of appreciation is allowing me to keep my job for one more day.  lol


globetrotter2u said...

Oh jeez, my mouth is watering.

Now I've gotta go open a can of tuna and stick it on stale bread.

Thanks a bunch!

Hey, have a ball!


siennastarr said...

Thanks a lot Sis!  That looks too good!  And, I am starving right now! lol


brainwhispers said...

what is that? It looks like an elephants foot!


swibirun said...

Awfully quiet in here......too quiet.  Everything OK?


gailmb said...

That looks too, too good!

Your boss should be commended on his good taste.....