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Friday, April 7, 2006

My date

My date: 

A dozen gorgeous roses = I can grope your ass as I please.




stupidsheetguy said...

Sorry Lady...I know there's little to say tonight, so I won't fill your comment box with useless words. Sorry that you didn't have a happy story. You deserve better. A lot better.


hadonfield78 said...

I feel the same way as Jimmy does. I wont waiste your time with words that wont mean anything right now.
Just know that not everyone feels that way..........
And that, it is "HIS LOSS".........
Cause you are one terrific lady and you deserve to be treated so much better.
Just like a Queen should be treated......

sangrialel said...

Oh I am so sorry it didn't go well!  Linda

queeniemart said...

What an asshole. So sorry.....you will find better....this jerk has me POed!

garnett109 said...

I am a guy and that was not called for he should have been more polite hope you smacked him?

gailmb said...



swibirun said...

First of all.....I didn't even know you had a donkey.

ha ha ha ha ha.....ummm OK that was dumb.

You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince.


buggieboo1 said...

I am sorry! I don't even get roses I just get groped!


siennastarr said...

:(    What a jerk!!!   GAwwwwwwwd!  Why do men have to be so freakin' weird!!!!
Did you throw the vase at him, and then choke him with the stems of the roses??  Preferably the ones that still had the THORNS ON THEM!!  GRRRRRRR!


saleenm98 said...

Dating?  I've just come to a plain and simple conclusion:  I hate men.

Okay, maybe not, but they don't make it easy to like them sometimes.  Gotta love their sense of entitlement to your ass after a measly bouquet of flowers!  ugh.  Sorry your date was a pig.