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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Proceed with Caution

I have come to the conclusion that dating is for the birds. I don't know how and I’m very sophomoronic (I know that's not a word) when it comes to dating. These are a few responses from my match.com ad. Makes me want to go out and hang myself. LOL I have kept them in their original form so as not to take away from the poetic ambience. Once you have read this, I'm sure you will understand why I am home alone tonight beating my breasts in sorrow for such waste of humanity.

Date received: April 18, 2006


I love yor picture......and I hope to meet you soon! You turn me on!


Amazing what an ad will do to a man! I'm sure it was my brain.

Subject: Beautiful Smile

Hi, would you like to talk by phone?


No,  send me a couple of smoke signals.

Subject: Lunch

Lunch on Monday in Lafayette?

Maybe you would be interested in playing sometime....?

Hmmmm...wonder if he’s talking about cards?

Date received: April 14, 2006

Subject: morning


Never say that love is a dream because it is out there but it takes alot of looking. I think you are very nice and you do alot for those painter coverals. I have most of what you are looking for some more than others. I stick to my morals and values, I am what I say I am. You should never compromise as it takes away from who you are as a person. Craig

(I think the operative word here is stick...what do you guys think?)

Subject: Hello


Hi we have some things in common......just need to say thatyou are very hot...I love that white outfit you are wearing...pretty smile...Ok now I fear the Lord also and think this may be a good way to find friends and talk. It would be a honor to get to know more about you and talk....let me know thanks...Barry

I put the fear of the Lord in him! Alleluia!

Subject: Hi

Whats up sugar lips?
we r in the same search
So how would you like to proceed

(We could proceed by you telling me your name!)


Date received: April 13, 2006


never say never?

have you ever thought about living in so. fl?

you seem very sweet and sincere and wish you were closer.

write me sometime

(Yeah I just decided to move...you convinced me!)

I travel to Lafayette once a week for business and usually on a Tuesday. If you're interested, just let me know and maybe we can make a plan to meet and have some conversation one day in the near future.


No thank you Joe...that’s American Idol night. I do have my priorities straight!

Date received: April 12, 2006

Subject: hi

You have a sweet profile..I'm interested..

Do you ever come to Alexandria?

(this one won't even bother traveling the two hours to meet me...I have to go to him...I'm on my way baby! Wait for me!)


Last but not least:

you sound like a kid at heart, the scorpio...i have studied for 5 years....after finding out about astrology.....

the scorpio is feminine, as the pisces, water, emotions, and we both want un expected love, someone to want us...i like that about the midnight call......hmmm, ou know someone wanting you late at night....i'm usually the one making the call..
i was a very intense person about love , jealousy, and all that sexual stuff, but when i turned 40, it seemed i had alot of answers to all my curiousity...

i met about 5 scorpio's.......in person one i had know for ten years and never knew, but i could tell something was up...the others i met from here, and one i hired ....he........

and my dad is one.....

last night i was thinking....i had met every sign out there except for the capricorn.......

and from my studies......i think feminine signs need to be with masculine sign.......we are feminine signs......its like two women together........

not to say a scorpio the right scorpio would not work with a pisces....but i look at my life......my brother is a leo fire masculine sign, his best friends are pisces,

i met a scorpio 2 weeks ago she turned out to be a stripper , scorpio's dance like strippers, she turned out to be, not the life style i was into anymore.......or it seemed she hustling everyone..or me......it did not make me feel good....
but i could tell our minds were right on ...  (yeah this is definitely ME)

looking back on my life my best relations were with fire signs....

leo's, masculine , feminine, fire signs are fast sex signs...
very aggressive.....i had thought scorpio's were aggressive, in there business life but shy out side of that.....

maybe one day i will meet that special one maybe it will be a scorpio...

Talk to me please...


Yep, I'm hurrying to email you!

So there you have it.  A few of my choices in life. 


caesar1958 said...

Been missing your entries.......but you saved up for some good ones..........!!!!!
I think the one on astrology needs to do about five more years of studying......All I know.....is when the moon is in the seventh house and jupiter aligns with mars......then peace will guide the planets and love will stear the stars!!!!!!

samnsmile5 said...

OH MY!!  This is definitely for the birds....from the letter's you shared with us it doesn't seem like there are too many prize bulls out there.  LOL (did I just say that?) :)  sorry!  There are some real doozies.  Hope it gets better, it HAS to!  


brainwhispers said...

Have you checked the local papers to see if the "Zodiac Killer" has struck again!


garnett109 said...

At least the one dude was religious lol! have a great day!

sangrialel said...

OMG I love the last one!  I guess he felt the need to tell you all about the different signs in his life!!  Linda

peabody47 said...

At least some of those guys did mention your painters pants.

queeniemart said...

ok, wow, i cant get past the Sugar Lips one. Is this AH living in the Stone Age? He has to be an inch long where it counts to call any female Sugar Lips. I will give you $10 to email him and call him Limp Dick.
You are so pretty...i dont get why you run into these losers!
HUGS lisa jo

buggieboo1 said...

I can relate! I am on a date site also! My hair is long really long I get I lve your hair is it real! @@...  oh the joy of dating or trying to anyway!
I got a letter also from another guy , my best friend got the same one word for word! And the dude has three user names. every time I block his one, he uses the other!
Toooo funny what length people will go to , to try and get a date!


saleenm98 said...

Wow...some people either let you know TOO MUCH (like Mr. Cleo there at the bottom), or not enough, leaving you to wonder whether he is an axe murderer or from Jehova's Witness ("sugar lips?!").  Some even come off married ("I travel to Lafayette once a week on business...maybe...conversation..").  Yeah.  Conversation is what you're looking for, bub.  Conversation between the sheets.  Uh.  I hope I never have to date again as long as I live.  Well, look at the brighter side: at least you're getting responses...  :)


stupidsheetguy said...

Don't know HOW you can control or contain yourself. I'm always a big fan of the ones who don't even take the time to write complete, English sentences, when this is supposed to be about their search for a soul mate. That might in itself be a pretty good indicator of how much they value a relationship.


hadonfield78 said...

Where are these guys from ????????
That is about some of the lamest lines I have ever heard............
GEEZ.......  I stop using those years ago on women......
Opps..........  Nevermind....

hadonfield78 said...

Quite seriously though. It is going to be hard for you to find that special guy.....
Because, to be quite honest...............
You are truely something very very special..............
And I dont think most guys could handle that................
You are a unique blend of southern charm, sophisticated woman, great sense of humor, very loving and carring, and of course, one of the sweetest people I know.

swibirun said...

Damn ur so fine.  Wood you like to meet me for dinner at Jack in the Box?  My mom can drop me off.  

Ha ha ha ha....what?  oh sorry.....really, I'm laughing WITH you.

I thought Craig sounded nice but then I realized that he is Jackie's son!  Eeeek!  He is married!  (ha ha kidding of course.....there might be another Craig around).


siennastarr said...

Hey!  What's my son Craig doing emailing you? Huh?  That little stinker!  

You better stick with Chris... He can take you to all the hot spots... Like MCdonalds...and you even get chauffered by his parents!  You can't top that one! lol

What happened to the little trip you took a week or so ago?  Email me!  I want details! :)


demandnlilchit said...

It's entries like this that make me very happy that I am very married! lol lol lol
Makes ya wanna carry a big can of mace around don't it!! ;)