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Friday, October 6, 2006

Depressed for sure!

I am going to have to fire the new lady in accounting. She has been with us since Wednesday and I was perfectly fine before she came. Now I find out that the reason I am disoriented, have night sweats and depressed is because I am pre-menopausal. She explains to me that I will soon start drying up and that I will need more moisturizers. Not only is she informing me that I am going to dry up but she’s trying to hook me up with her 60 something year old friend. I asked her if he liked dried up old women because that was what he’d be getting. She told me they had cremes for that problem. You know, at 47 almost 48, I am not ready to hear that. I thought I had many good years left in me and she has burst my bubble. Why the hell didn’t she tell me that before I eliminated all the men in my life?

Got to get on the stick before I dry up!


stupidsheetguy said...

LOl, geez she is just a bundle of good news, huh? Fire her!!!!

thisismis72 said...

lol, as I was reading your thoughts of being a dried up old woman my J walks thru and said you were so hot I'd do ya, lol, he is a nut. he meant that I'd do ya not him.  yep even a bigger nut now, but anyway I just thought it was funny more so cause the timing and hat you had talked about.
have a good night
Missy (and J tonight).

siennastarr said...

Getting on the stick just might keep you from getting dried up.. if you get my drift... heee


emabecmar said...

give her a box of prunes before you fire her, lol. where'd you get my pic walking with that cane lol. (((hugs))))

brainwhispers said...

youre nearly 48!
no way!!
Id never have said that from looking at those photos.

garnett109 said...

your a nut lol!

caesar1958 said...

These people must not have seen "Hear No Evil"..........