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Saturday, October 7, 2006


LSU lost today so in the spirit of that I will talk about death.

A couple of months ago my cousin died. She was a year older than me. She was getting ready to come out of the mental hospital and she just dropped dead. No apparent cause. Died. The end to a very tormented life.

She is extremely happy right now except for one thing:

I went to the funeral home and they had her dressed in this god-awful purple suit. I thought to myself, she looks very uncomfortable lying there. I know she’s dead and doesn’t feel a thing but she just looks hot and stuffy in that suit. I never saw her in a suit during life so why would they put one on her for her trip to heaven?

The following weekend my daughter came to my house. I sat her down and told her my wish upon death. Death is not a comfortable subject with Brandi because she doesn’t like the idea of me dying, but I told her that it was likely that I would die in her lifetime. I really hated to break it to her but I had to. She laughed and allowed me to state the following:

Please do not put me in stuffy clothes. I want to be wearing a white negligee and if my nipples are stiff upon death and shows through the white material, please do not cover them with a bra! Lay some soft material between the nipples and lace. I know this is not an appealing thought to you guys out there, but deal with it, these are my wishes!

I mean, have you ever seen someone sleeping in a suit during life unless they are passed out from too much drinking? No one in their right mind goes to bed in a suit; therefore, I can’t imagine arriving in heaven in a dark heavy suit. I know if I’m wearing that, God will turn me around and tell me to put on more suitable clothes. I’m saving myself the trip back.

Also, I stated a wish for everyone to have a high old time, laughing and catching up with each other at my funeral. We all know that a funeral is usually a family reunion. I want everyone to laugh, dance and joke at my funeral simply because I believe death is a joyous occasion and if anyone is crying, I’ll be up in heaven laughing at their asses.

By the way, you are all invited! No, I’m not dying,at least not that I know of, but life should never be taken for granted.

Here today gone tomorrow.

Damn! LSU should have won! Now I’ve got everyone depressed!


siennastarr said...

Beautifully said!!  I told my kids the same thing!  Well, not a negligee (although, I think that sounds fine.. it's your funeral! lol), but I want to be buried in something that I wear all the time.  My sweats and a T shirt!  I want to be comfortable.  It doesn't matter anyway, because they are just going to throw me in the incinerator, so why ruin a perfectly good dress!  I don't want to be stuck in the ground for all eternity... I am so clausterphobic.  Just burn me to a crisp, and then blow me in the wind! hee   For once I will be able to travel all over the place, in every direction!  I love it! :)



brainwhispers said...

I told my mum that shes not having a funeral. We are going to stick her in a black bin bag and leave her in the garbage dump for the rats!

I'd like to be dressed like a clown for my funeral, full face paint and everything.
Or maybe like Jason from Friday the 13th!
Or the guy from Halloween.

Im a bit warped arent I?

mosie1944 said...

My mother-in-law always made it plain she wanted to be buried in a frilly purple nightgown.  She got her wish.  My father-in-law, who always wore overalls, was buried in his overalls.  Makes sense to me.

garnett109 said...

I don't care what they burry me in but I want my dog roscoe in there with me, we had him cremated and he sets by my computer now!

swibirun said...


That is a unique last will and testament:)  

Now we lay Sharlene down to rest
with perky nipples on her chest
So don't be down or shed a tear
It's an open bar....go get a beer!


tpiez4me said...

I love this entry.....no bra, but what if they fall under your arms???  Me?  I wanna have on some shoes (prefer my flips) because my feet get cold!

gailmb said...

In the last 2 years I've seen people "laid out" in hunting camouflage clothing, old farmer bib overalls complete with a tin of snoos (sp?) in the pocket, and a wonderful pink nightie. All 3 of these people looked much more peaceful than the others I've seen wearing suits and ties or prim and proper dresses.  I've never, however, seen anyone nippin' out in a casket...... LOL

Gail in MN