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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Purple and Gold

It is now time to renew my Tiger Oath. I am counting down to kickoff

I , Sharlene, solemnly swear to do the following to ensure that I remain a member of the most passionate, intimidating, and sometimes scary fan base known to man. I agree to DO the following:

1. I will always cheer for LSU in sound levels that would make a banshee proud....and deaf. I will agree to do this whether in Tiger Stadium, at an opposing stadium, in front of a TV, at a bar/restaurant, or at a friend's/family member's wedding/funeral with strategically placed ear phones.

2. I will wear purple and gold to games. I will NOT, however, under any circumstances wear purple and gold camouflage overalls, pants, or hats.....EVER.

3. Speaking of not wearing camouflage overalls, don't wear overalls at all. If that's all you own, you might need to examine the fact that you might be a Mississippi St. fan or a member of Dexy's Midnight Runners.

4. I will continue to tailgate in a way that is representative of my school's perennial National Champions of Tailgating title. This means good food, good music, lots of alcohol, and great people.

5. When tailgating, I will not devote more time to the centerpiece than I do for preparing food. If this is the case, I might as well become an Ole Miss fan. They are big believers of style without substance.

6.. I will invite visiting fans to our tailgate spot and give them a hard time before taking them in as one of our own, feeding them, and getting them drunk.

7. I will NOT act in a way that promotes the negative stereotype that LSU has bad fans.

8. I will NOT boo our players while at games. I can boo college coaches and NFL players and coaches but NOT college kids. Remember, if they don't receive a paycheck, I can't boo them. I can, however, boo Alabama and Tennessee players because they all get paid.

9. I will not leave a game before the 5 min. mark in the 4th qtr unless LSU is up by 21 or more, and I/someone with me is: vomiting, bleeding, and/or stricken with hysterical blindness. Beating traffic is not a viable excuse until I reach age 80.

10. I will continue to believe that Mike the Tiger's roaring before a game has everything to do with his school spirit and nothing to do with a human in a tiger costume that Mike can't stand. (*ahem* ignore this part... I'm cute and fuzzy)

11. I will stop trying to start a wave. Waves are for soccer or Tulane fans.

12. I will cheer for our team on offense but only when the play is over, the team needs to be able to hear when in the huddle and when lining up for the snap. On defense, I will constantly scream at the top of my lungs, like a nine year old running from Neverland Ranch.


21 Days



garnett109 said...

Let's Go Penn State!

siennastarr said...

I'm not a big football fan.. but I hope LSU wins.. :)

Hey... I'm not in your side bar anymore... does that mean I'm not one of your favorites anymore?  hee   Actually, I wouldn't blame you.. my journals pretty much a bummer right now anyway..


caesar1958 said...

AMEN Sista!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gailmb said...

I guess that you can be a raving maniac football fan when you have a Tiger as a mascot. I, however, have to somehow try to become enthusiastic for a striped rodent. (go, gophers......I try not to shout too loud because it might scare the poor little creature....)

Have a great season! (Well, duh, of course you will!!!)

Gail in MN

swibirun said...

Hey.....I resent the Tennessee remark.  Our players have never been caught getting "paid".

Granted, we have had a player pull a fake gun on an undercover cop.  We had a freshman who allegedly banged his assistant principle to change grades last year at high school and then was busted driving drunk last week after being told to be on his best behavior.  Sure a player was caught on tape sucker punching a person in a "friendly" pick up basketball game.  Sure TN has had more players arrested in the past three years than the rest of the SEC combined.

But you have to admit they aren't getting paid.....

he he he....thank god I'm a Tarheel fan living in Tennessee;)


brainwhispers said...

Dexy's midnight runners - ha ha ha.
That is something i would never ever ever expect to read in your journal. It came as a complete surprise.
What is LSU?

sangrialel said...

LOL that was really cute!  Linda