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Saturday, August 19, 2006


I just got back from Mass...the 4 P.M. Mass is all comprised of elderly people. They are very amusing because they are hard of hearing and there whispers are very loud.  You can hear the entire conversation that they are having in whispered roars.  What is most amusing is when they are talking about you and they think that they are not being heard. You get some great insight into what they think of the younger generation and their tight jeans.  "Lord have Mercy!  That girl should be ashamed of herself coming into Mass with them jeans on!  Well I never!" (and you probably never will...)

  A person must also smile at, what they assume,  is the silent letting go of hurricane force winds and of course their sense of smell is no longer as acute.  Whoosh!  I can tell  you I'm still young because my sense of smell is awesome and besides moth balls that is the worst smell imaginable in church. 

God help me when I get to be farty and deaf.


garnett109 said...

thank you lord for this food now pass the beans, how many wear depends, jeeze i'm 44 and i feel like 84, and half death, thanks for the insight

caesar1958 said...

Can never forget the smell of moth balls in chruch.......LMAO

swibirun said...

Those damn elderly are always the 4pm crowd, whether it is Mass or the local restaurant, aren't they?  

BTW, if all the 4pm mass folks are elderly, I am worrying about your earlier obsession with Mr. Nice Butt But Goes To My Church So I Can't Lust Over Him Guy.  



siennastarr said...

ROFL!  That is the worst!  Nothing like being in a closed in space, with smell like that permeating in the air! lol