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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Another night out on the town

Once again I ventured out on the town with my daughter.  She was in from LaPlace and her "second daddy" as she refers to him was playing at a local club called "Bob's Pub".  We ran into a bunch of people I graduated with and that were associated with bands that Brandi's father was a part of.  Way back when, I lived the  band lifestyle.  Going to clubs and meeting an assortment of people.  Last night I reaquainted myself with a few.  I heard the most profound statement coming from a girl I went to school with.  Seems her life has not changed much from way back when.  Brandi and I could not help but roll from the profoundness of it.  Here's the story:

Apparently this woman left her daughter and grandson to be with her fiance'. (not a big deal)  She informed Brandi and I that her fiance' died sometime within the last few months and in relating to us her return this is her statement: 

 "I am back from leaving

 OMG...Brandi and I almost lost it!

I know, it may not seem funny to you, but when you've had a few coronas, it was hilarious.



garnett109 said...

was back from leaving or back from the living?

caesar1958 said...

Well.....we all know what can happen when you and Brandi get together for a night out on the town........lmao!!!!!!!

siennastarr said...

I'm confused.. but then that's not unusual these days! lol

Glad you and Brandy had a good time!


sangrialel said...

Coronas make everything funnier!!!  Linda