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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Working out

Three weeks ago I started working out at Curves.  I was really not too sure about the benefits that Curves would do for me but it was cheaper than a bonifide Gym and it had a tanning bed so I said what the hey.  I will try it out for the two weeks and see what it can do for me. 

 I work out everyday except the weekends.  I even have a date with Yogi on Wednesday nights.  He stretches me and relaxes me and makes me wish I could take him home every night but he's only available on Wednesdays. 

Anyway  3 weeks ago  I weighed in at 125.5  and my measurements were 33.5 (OMG I am ashamed)  by 26 1/2 by 37 1/2 with a body fat of 22.9.    We are talking about a gal that used to be  115# and 34 24 34.  Today I decided to see if there was a difference.  Whoah is me!  I was so shocked and in disbelief.  I have not changed my eating habits at all.  Today I weigh a mere 1.5 pounds less BUT my measurements are now 40 (okay I lie...glad you were paying attention!) by 24 by 35.  I have lost 2.5 inches in both my waist and my hips.  Curves has made a believer out of me.

Friday I leave for Panama City Beach Florida with my new tan and my new measurements.  My daughter and her husband are giving me an all expense paid trip with them.  I'm sure that I will be babysitting a bit for them but who the f......k cares?  I can lay on the beach and watch Matthew.  He will be my attention getter...I'll spot something and make him the bait.  I'm a grandmother...what do you expect?  We are shameless!



emabecmar said...

wow, that's great on what joining Curves has done for you. And enjoy your trip and your grandson.

caesar1958 said...

awright.....now ya got me weak in da knees!!!!!!!

sangrialel said...

Ok Grandma you got this Grandma wanting to get slim again now!  Linda

hadonfield78 said...

What No Pics of the new you ?????
No Bathing Suit photo's ???
Please......... Oh Please................

swibirun said...

Yeah, just don't go back to the room when they leave the two of you on the beach to go "take a quick nap", LOL.

Have a great trip!