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Friday, November 28, 2008

A little cyber fun

Sometimes we meet people on the internet that we are unlikely to ever meet in real life. People who live far away but they are met in virtual life and bring meaning and laughter to your life. You get to know them through emails and with the silliest of ways you get to laugh and they bring joy to your life on mundane days and I hope he doesn't mind me sharing it.

He is at work doing what most IT guys do..nothing and I am at home this evening doing what I do best ...nothing. We have found the nothingness of this evening and turned it into laughter through cyberspace.

It all started with an email with him asking a few question and me filling in the blanks for him and then I turned around and asked him a few questions and he filled in the blanks for me. We then took each other's blanks and created a story. Even at our age we can have sweet innocent fun! This is what ensued:

My answers to his questions:

1. Men should never wear pink tights
2. The sunshine burns my ass and I love it!
3. Yesterday I heard that soon Mike would show me his pretty pink tights.
4. My neighbors are great, but they are flaming!
5. A monkey and a child should swing from trees.
6. I once ate a can of tuna fish with 4 cats surrounding me.
7. Once i was so drunk I entered a legs contest at a local lounge...didn't win but a guy offered me a 100 dollars because he thought I should have won! Then I promptly missed all 6 steps and fell out of the bar blaming my male friend for pushing me. LOL
9. i would rather ride a camel than be a hump on one.
10. When we landed on the moon, I was 11 and had a sweatshirt that said "fly me to the moon!"

And this is the story he made up:

I once went sunbathing at a nude beach, and laid out too long, getting my ass burnt. Someone stole my trunks, and all I could find were a pair of pink tights and a t-shirt that said "fly me to the moon'. Considering I was late to take Shar to the ballet, I considered my outfit to be appropriate, as she noticed when she opened her door. Her neighbors were there and commented positively on my evening wear, suggesting I enter a 'nice legs' contest at the local bar, which I declined. We first had a lovely romantic dinner of tuna fish at Cats Eyes restaurant, smoked Camel cigarettes, and realized the tickets were in my stolen swim trunks. We had to settle for a night watching Disney's Jungle Book movie, laughing at the monkey teaching the boy how to swing from the trees.

His answers to my questions:

I once had a sandwich of polish sausage, with Russian dressing, on Italian bread
If I could be 7 again probably still have wrinkles
I wish I had a backpack jet to fly me to new orleans
China is my hell I aint got nothing here..lol
The armidillo and I went cruisin to el paso!
If every picture tells a story then I'm a still a blank canvas.
My favorite nail polish is passion pink.
I sold my used socks on ebay.
When I'm 60 lbs overweight I can kick all those bully's butts

My story to his answers:

When I was traveling through New Orleans with my back pack jet, I saw an idiot with passion pink nail polish sitting in a Bourbon Street bar eating a sandwich. He was staring at a blank canvas trying to figure out how to paint all those wrinkles in that old ladies face. She was from the Southside and had more chins than China. He sat there for what seemed like hours eating on his polish sausage and the Italian dressed waiter asked him if he wanted a White Russian. He explained to the waiter that if he nipped into any liquor that his Armadillo would refuse to take him to El Paso and he needed to get to El Paso with his excess 60 pounds to whip up on the bully that bought his socks on ebay.

Thanks Mike for the laughter! You are so appreciated!


Remo said...

I find adult friendship much more liberating than the innuendo-laced angst of younger life. It's all "out-there" along with the freedom of being a grown-up.

garnett109 said...

That was funny, lol!

Gaboatman said...

It's great that Y'all had such good fun on a slow night. Cute stories!

Chris said...

Pretty funny! Make a story out of the next 10 comments you get;)