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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Grandson's and bellybutton rings

I've had the love of my grandson and daughter this weekend. I love the conversations that pop up randomly with a six year old but some conversations I would never anticipate.

We are sitting around talking about little things that lil ole grannies and 6 year olds talk about when he informs me that he and his friend Zack "talk".

Matthew pulls up my shirt a bit and checks out the belly button ring he has always been fascinated with since he was a baby. He then informs me that his friend Zack's mom has a belly button ring too . Apparently, Zack told Matthew of this fact, Matthew, not to be outdone, says "My nammy has a belly button ring too!"

I can see it now, two first graders, expounding upon loved ones belly button rings. Who'd a thunk it?


Remo said...

Who 'da thunk the day & age of "grannies" hot enough to pull off belly-button piercings and tribal tattoos above their yoo-hoo would ever arrive?

Not soon enough, for my tastes. LOL

Linda said...

I want to be one of those grammies that can pull that off! Linda

garnett109 said...

Lmao,Kidz go to love "em"