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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Not this time....

They will not be moving closer to me...oh well....maybe I'll move closer to them.  God has other plans for them and of course his plans are far better than what I can foresee. 

I have to look on the bright side of this...I can still have a social life...If they moved here, I'd probably be babysitting every weekend.


lv2trnscrb said...

Amen to that; the Lord's plans are always for our best. Sorry it didn't work out this time though


caesar1958 said...

Oh well......Cher.........they'll catch up with you one of these days!!!!!!

siennastarr said...

OH, well, darnit...  I know you were so looking forward to having them closer to you.  But.. just like me.. God has other plans, and we can't stand in His way!  I'm glad you're not too disappointed.

I miss you over at my journal.  Haven't heard from you in a while..  Don't be such a recluse!  Just casue you have a life and all! ;p  lol


brainwhispers said...

Thats what mums are for, babysitting.
Shame it didnt work out for you, but look on the bright side. Brandi is a very attractive woman. You have good genes. Well done!
ok i know it has nothing to do with anything but still, thought you needed to know.

swibirun said...

Look at it this way, maybe God/fate is preserving your social life, as you mentioned, so the man of your dreams can meet the woman of his;)

swibirun said...

Hmmmm S.A.M. hasn't posted in a week......uh oh.....she's dating again.  Note to self:  Wait a few more days for a hilarious post about said dates.  Hope she didn't accept any flowers since they entitle an assgrab.