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Sunday, March 26, 2006

My Weekend

I had my little man this weekend.  It's wonderful being a grandmother.  You can do things with them that you know will not impact you in the least. You can spoil them and let them have whatever they want.

I cooked up a big old pot of white beans and sausage and fed my little one two bowls knowing  full well he was headed home with mama.  Here he is chowing down...go for it bud!  There's more where that came from!

Here we are two happy campers...He allowed me a few minutes of his chow time to take this picture.

And being a true little man he had to make a little noise.  I bought this drum for him on his birthday last year thinking it was going home with him.  That's one revenge that backfired on me!

About an hour after eating...establishing that he is truly a little man he came to me stating he was tired.  I rocked him gently to sleep.  The biggest pleasure of all!

Life don't get no better than this!  May God always keep my little one safe!


PS  How about them LSU Tigers!    Final Four here we come!


sangrialel said...

OH how true this is!!!!!!!!!  I just love mine to pieces too!  Linda

siennastarr said...

Oh, sista, he is precious, and I can feel your love for him all the way through cyber space.  He looks as happy to be with you as you are with him!

May God keep him safe always...


garnett109 said...

Great pics of the little man!

saleenm98 said...

Look at those little legs poking out from under that TV tray!  lol  And a Drum...I bet mommy loves that!  Glad to see you are doing well.  And yes, GO TIGERS!  I don't wanna hear any of that bull about us being "co-champions."  Ugh.


caesar1958 said...


gailmb said...

You fed him a big bowl of beans and then sent him home with his mother....... Now that's what I call Revenge of the Grandmother!


hadonfield78 said...

LSU Rocks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and I'll bet your grandsons car seat did too , all the way home............

He is such a little cutie pie.........

swibirun said...

Congrats to your Tigers.

You are truly and evil grandma!  Loading the kids up on beans and sausage before sending him home.....lol.  

I have the feeling if I was married to you that I would end up big and fat.