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Sunday, March 19, 2006

My Grandchildren


My daughter just called me to relay a happening with her extended family.  Her and her husband chose to spend their first anniversary with his two children who are 14 (Lauren) and 11 (Brandon).  All my grandchildren...

Apparently while driving them home they were getting a little rowdy in the backseat and Brandi said "Hey, hey, that's enough!"

Matthew said "Momma!  Momma!  Call Nammy".  LOL

That little boy thinks I have the cure to every situation.  It is such a wonderful feeling to know that little boy thinks that his Nammy can do it all! 

He sure puts a smile on my face!


Here are Lauren and Brandon with Barry's Mother.


hadonfield78 said...

That is a cute story.  That little boy loves ya to death my dear.
That is awesome.
Hows the chin doing ??
Better I hope.

garnett109 said...

nice story!

sangrialel said...

you can fix everything can't you??  Linda

siennastarr said...



swibirun said...

Ahhhh you're a granny now.  You didn't realize that you have superpowers now?  

Cute story!