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Monday, June 26, 2017

Time stands still for no one!

Whoah!  It's been almost five years since I last posted.  Amazing!  

Someone suggested that I start blogging again.  Not sure they suggested it because they miss my wit, or if they just want me to do something constructive with my idle time.  I'm going to go with the wit.... 

I read an article today that said that most writers do not know what they intend to write when they sit down to keyboard.  I'm afraid that has been my problem these last few years.  I have not had anything to write about.  That goes for today, as well.  I'm winging this, and praying something comes to mind, as not to bore anyone laying their eyes upon this post.  This article that I read also mentioned that writing is a way of thinking about something twice.  In your mind and then in your words.  I thought that was very profound.  These days, thinking is what I do a lot of....the writing part is what is missing.  I'm thinking of all this wisdom that is going unrecorded.  I need to go to confession for that miserable sin,  along with a few others. (OK...I'm not writing about the "few others", just yet!)

I miss the days, where if you wrote something, someone in the community of journalers/bloggers would actually read your writing.  That was something that always spurred me on...knowing someone was reading my profundity or lack thereof.  

I remember the first time that I realized someone was actually reading what I wrote and commented.   I was like...Oh My Gosh....they just created a monster!
That monster has been silent for way too long.  Hopefully this will become something I do more often....even if no one reads it!


Chris said...

Good to see you back at the keyboard. Thanks for stopping by my blog. It isn't the same as it used to be but it did open up a whole new world for me. I wouldn't have the book, a BBQ competition team, access to some of the best chefs, sponsors, trip opportunities or ANY of that if we all didn't start blogging back in AOL Journals so long ago. I was just thinking about that this morning.

Ken Riches said...

There are still a few of us out there...