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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

My lovely daughter

My daughter is going to die and I will be doing the honors!

My Mother's Day weekend started off lovely with my daughter sending me flowers at work and bringing my grandson to visit with me. 

My mother's birthday was Saturday so we travelled two hours to spend the day with her in Texas.  We surprised her with flowers and my grandson who she hasn't seen in quite a while. 

We travelled back and decided to have a mother - daughter night out at a local club.  Her ex co-worker was foot loose and fancy free as well,  so off to the Achafalaya Club in Henderson we go for a night of dancing dancing dancing and fun fun fun. 

Unbeknownst to me, while I was a tapping my feet, my daughter was soliciting dating material for me.  She is my biggest fan and I have to watch her because she thinks EVERYONE should think her mother is as wonderful as she thinks I am.  Well, folks, while I was dancing I could see her talking to what seems like everyone in the bar.  What I didn't know she was doing (as a joke) was programing my number in these guys cell phones.  Can you imagine my surprise, after a night of drinking and dancing and thinking I remembered everything, I get a shitload of phone calls for Mother's Day from every Tom, DICK and Harry at the bar.  Oh! but the lil shit underestimates her mother!  Imagine her surprise when she started getting phone calls from these same men after I let them know HER phone number.  Of course I let her husband know what was going on prior to her receiving calls.

We did have a good time and I met some wonderful people that I'm sure will be some long lasting friendships.  My daughter has a way of bringing out that joy in every being she touches.  The guys were hanging on her like flies on......., and she being the married woman that she is, she lapped it up and graciously turned their attentions to her two single companions.  Bitch!


gaboatman said...

It sounds to me Y'all ahd a really good time.  I enjoy hearing about the practical jokes and am laughing right along  with you. I thought it was a hoot that you gave those men your daughter's number.  I'm glad you had a chance to go and see your Mom on her birthday.

garnett109 said...

That was great , thank you for sharing that! Nice flowers !

sangrialel said...

That's a great story!!!!  Linda

queeniemart said...

I can actually see your smile and hear the pride as you typed. You AND your daughter sound like awesome ladies.

saleenm98 said...

lol, oh that is priceless!!!  Yur daughter really loves you and wants to see you happy!  Hopefully she picked teh cutest Tom, Dick, and Harrys in the bar..  :)  

I'd hate for Quazzimodo to be calling you!

Love, Lacey

saleenm98 said...

GORGEOUS flowers, by the way!I love the bigger blue ones! ~L

gailmb said...

I don't hear a lot of anger in those words, so MAYBE there was a Tom, Dick, or Harry in the bunch worth a call-back..... I hope it's not a Dick....


siennastarr said...

Ahhhhh, you are so lucky that your daughter is your biggest fan.  My daughter wouldn't take me out dancing if her life depended on it!  She is definitely NOT my biggest fan! lol

Glad you had fun, sis!   The flowers are beautiful!


swibirun said...

Methinks the lady doth protest too much!

I know you were just eating it up....ha ha ha.  Hopefully you'll find one prince among the froggies and tadpoles.

Hey your mom has the same birthday as my mom and my daughter!  Maybe you and I are related (ok, not, my mom is in FL, not Texas).