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Sunday, May 7, 2006

Absolutely Nothing

I'm sitting here staring at this blank journal page trying to find something profound to say but it seems my profoundness has profoundly decided to profunct  itself into profundo! 

No! I'm not drinking.  I just feel a need to write in my journal and I haven't a thing to say. I don't even have a bad date story to impart upon this unsuspecting world.  I'm sure if I sit here long enough I will come up with something but I don't have that much time to waste and I'm sure you guys don't either.

I did have a date Friday and he was normal except for that one air guitar mishap but I forgave him because he was a good dancer.  I did meet an air fiddiler a few weeks back.  He did the best pool stick fiddle rendition of Charlie Daniel's  "Devil Went Down to Georgia" I have ever seen.  I wanted to take the pool stick and ram it where the sun don't shine.  Anyone who has read my journal knows how I abhor with a passion air instrument players.  Reminds me of a dog humping air in aspirations of doing the real thing. 

When searching for an animated dog humping I came upon this interesting fact:


Humping: Is It All About Sex?

Why do dogs hump? Dogs humping humans may amuse other humans, but rarely the human who's being humped. Some dogs will hump a toy or sofa cushion incessantly. We accept dogs humping other dogs in the act of mating, but in other situations it can create problems. What does all this humping mean, and what can we do about it?

Much of the humping you'll see among puppies as well as among adult dogs is play. Some of it expresses dominance, but that's not always the case.

If a dog persists in humping another dog in a social situation, distracting the dog who's doing the humping into another activity is a good idea. For one thing, it's best that a dognot get obsessed with humping. Besides the potentialannoyance to others, it can even result in physical irritation. When you consistently interrupt the humping, you prevent it from becoming a strong habit in the dog.

Secondly, being humped can become oppressive to the dog who is the target, so that's another reason to interrupt. This is a common complaint in situations where dogs get together to play, such as dog parks. Just distract the humping dog, without punishment of any kind.

I wonder if this works with the human male species?


garnett109 said...

Yes it does work on humans just last night deb caught me in the act and she slapped me on the snoot ,so i sat in the corner licking self!

sangrialel said...

Yes my dear that was a profound entry!!!!  Linda

siennastarr said...

Bwawhahah!  You ARE reaching, sista, aren't you?  I liked this entry!  You always manage to bring a smile to my face with your ability to profoundly say what you deem to be profundo!  

Men will never stop humping until God decides to remove thier brain fromst between thier legs.. hee

(Just kiddin' guys.... sorta.. lol)



saleenm98 said...

LOL!!  That is a PERFECT analogy:  air guitar-players are the equivalent of dogs humping a human's leg!!  lol...oh that is good...

So anyway, I love that song, "When The Devil Went Down to Georgia," sp hopefully Mr. Fiddler on The Air didn't butcher it too bad!!


gailmb said...

When we first got our two cats from hell, our female dog, the Belgian Airhead, would try to.....well....you know......the cats. So it must be a dominance thing....or else she'd just been celebate too long.....
Makes me wish she had just pulled out the old air guitar.


gaboatman said...

This entry gives a whole new meaning to hump day.  LOL!  For not having anything to say, I'd say you pulled this entry off nicely.  Since I play the guitar, I don't do air guitar, thank goodness!  Your comparing it to dogs humping got me laughing.

swibirun said...

No comment.  We (the whole male gender) plead guilty.  But it is only because you women are so perfect and beautiful.  

I was going to say I have never humped a leg but Alexis would not back me up on that since she can't even get changed in the morning with out a "hug" ha ha ha


hadonfield78 said...

Boy o Boy I tell ya.............
Its just SEX SEX SEX with you isnt it.............???????????   he he he