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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Cajun Twist

I was over at Chris' blog checking out his recipes and since he wasn't showing any skin flics other than pork to keep me on his blog, I figured I'd go ahead and try his Penne with Sun Dried Tomato & Asiago Cheese to satisfy my kinkiness.

Of course I had to take his recipe and change it up a bit because I prefer Cheese Ravioli so I substituted Penne with Ravioli. Hope you don't mind Chris!

And then I sauteed some veggies on the side. The Cajun in me took hold and wouldn't let me go so I looked at the Pasta and then I looked at the veggies and said "Gumbo Time"


garnett109 said...

looks good

Linda said...

That sure does look good!

Remo said...


I served a set of cheese ravioli's with a nice beef burgundy reduction sauce the other night. I turned out better than I expected.

ADM DESIGN'S said...

Looks delious

Chris said...

You definitely kicked that up a bit with the ravioli! Nice job!

On a related note, when I sliced that cajun roast beef up on the meat slicer I took all of the shredded, leftover bits and tossed them into a cup of beef broth and simmered it down into "debris" sauce for the meat and some mashed potatoes....awesome! You LA folks know how to cook!