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Friday, July 18, 2008

A Fantasy Kiss

This is my first attempt at writing something other than real life experiences.  This is a vision I had driving home from work yesterday (okay you have to do something in 5 pm traffic!!) and decided to see if I could put it in writing.  This is the result:

She was sitting on the wooden bench, a solitary soul, gazing upon the Vermillion hues of the sunset. The sun was moving just below the horizon, casting the last rays of the day upon her tanned skin. You could see a few years upon her face but she was quite content with herself and where she was in life, this was witnessed by her very relaxed and calm state of being. If you happened to be watching, perhaps you would think she was sleeping, but if you looked closely you would see the thoughts chasing across her face. A smile, a twinkle, and a bit of a smirk. Looking at her, made you wonder what was traipsing across her mind that made her smile so tantalizingly.

Perhaps she was dreaming of a kiss. A kiss from a handsome stranger. The kiss that she had always fantasized about. That one kiss that would erase all others. All of a sudden, her senses are peaked, she feels his dark presence before she sees it. She is scared to look. Her heart slows a few beats. Afraid that it will be nothing but her imagination playing tricks upon her once again, but no, when she looks up, she sees him. He is standing, with the sunset upon his skin, within touching distance and she looks at him with that, uncomprehending, slightly quizzical look. He smiles and nods as if he knows that she has been waiting for him. With fluid motion, he holds out his hand and she takes it with a knowing smile. He pulls her gently toward him but she resists slightly as she gazes upon his manly features. Her fingerstips follow her eyes over every feature of his dark face. She caresses his face in wonderment, as if she is scared by her mere touch he will disappear. She bites her lip in anticipation. Her fingertips touch his lips knowing that her lips would soon follow. She moves in closer and lightly touches her tongue to her own fingertips, teasing him with her hot breath upon his lips. He tries to pull her in even closer toward him but she stops him once again, letting him know with her eyes that he is allowed only to experience her and wrap his presence around her. She feels him tremble with unsatiated desire and she sees the telling emotions upon the shadowsof his face. As she moves a little closer she places her hands upon his chest. She feels the thunder of his heartbeat. She smiles the knowing smile of a woman, a woman who knows the effect she is having on him, but she teasingly prolongs that moment that will only happen once. The first kiss of lovers. Finally she looks up and lightly traces her tongue upon his lips and nibbles slightly on his bottom lip. Sucking ever so gently and playing chase with her tongue and the tips of her fingers on his lip. She teases and flirts with every slight breath upon his lips. He tries again to deepen the kiss...she resists by turning her head. She smiles broadly up at him, knowing it's almost time and takes his hand leading him toward the bench. His knees buckle from beneath him and his whole being melds into the bench....

She opens her eyes, notices the sun has finally fallen below the horizon, she turns slightly to look at him, and then she looks down at her empty hand and realizes he was merely the shadows of darkness dancing around her. She pulls herself up off of the bench and chases the shadow to her bedroom and watches it dance upon the wall.



Sharlene, July 2008


garnett109 said...

enjoy your weekend

gazker said...

In all my years, I still ain't had a kiss like that.
Gaz ;-)

thisismis72 said...

the ending was FABULOUS>>>>>