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Monday, March 17, 2008

Isn't that pitiful?

Matthew's  "I miss my naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamy" look.



garnett109 said...

pitiful indeed

ukgal36 said...

awww.. tears at the ol heartstrings for sure..bless him...

sangrialel said...

awwww he is so cute!!  Linda

gazker said...

Hello my dear, I was wondering about you other day. Welcome back. Oh dear some one does want their Nanny.
Gaz ;-)

swibirun said...

Watch out or he'll learn to use that look to get what he wants....or is that too late?  lol


stupidsheetguy said...

Funny, I had that same look on my face (well for my friend, not my namy :) ) and look, here you are, posting an entry!

Hope all is well. I bet he misses you - you have that effect on folks!