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Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Another Smell

This time of year, in my hometown, it is so nice to walk outside and smell the cool crisp syrupy air.  It always makes me hungry for pancakes because about one block from where I live, pure cane syrup is made.  There is nothing like the sweet smell of sugarcane being cooked into sweet syrup. 



 Hearing the Whistle and Smelling the Syrup: After a long hot southern summer, few things could be as welcomed as the cool autumn air complimented by the tantalizing aroma of syrup cooking at Steen's Syrup Mill. Mr. C. S. Steen, Sr. began this tradition in 1910 in an effort to save his frozen crop of sugarcane. Today, five generations later, the Mill still uses the original recipe and steam equipment continues to make pure cane syrup the ol' fashion way– open kettle. The traditional kick off of syrup making season is the sounding of the steam whistle. Locals know that when they hear this, it signals yet another year of history is being made and soon the rich aroma of syrup will fill the air.

The average syrup makin' season extends from mid-October thru Christmas. And today, as in the old days, when Autumn is here and the tantilizing aroma fills the air, local residents know they will hear the old steam whistle at the syrup mill blowing. Knowing yet another year of history is being made at The C.S. Steen Syrup Mill. "Comme delices du gourmet, il n'y a rien de meillieur." (For a gourmet's delight, there's nothing better.)

Welcome To Steen's Syrup


caesar1958 said...


nhd106 said...

Makes my mouth water just reading about it....


stupidsheetguy said...

Oh you've got me wanting some pancakes with syrup now too! Thanks for the info!

Damn, I really want some now, too!


siennastarr said...

Yummm....that sounds so good!  I love pancakes and maple syrup.. but never had it that fresh before.

Unfortunately, the only thing I smell when I walk out my front door is the aroma of cow paddies wafting through my yard.. :/


thisismis72 said...

wow that sounds really nice, I wish I could take a stroll.  Missy

garnett109 said...

Pancakes with sryup, I can smell it all now!